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Interventional cardiologist in vijayawada

We are Committed to Your Health

We provide Comprehensive Treatment for all Heart Conditions.

Best Heart Care Center is now in Vijayawada by a leading  Cardiologist.

heart doctor in Vijayawada

Welcome to Vamsi Heart Care – Your Heart’s Safe Haven in Vijayawada


At Vamsi Heart Care, we are dedicated to your cardiac well-being. Our interventional cardiologist in Vijayawada specializes in providing cutting-edge, compassionate care. We prioritize your heart’s health, and our commitment is unwavering.


Our Services


An angiogram is a test that involves injecting dye into your coronary arteries to see if there are blockages


Procedure to improve blood flow to the heart muscle either by placing stent at the area of narrowing or


balloon valvotomy is a procedure to repair a heart valve that has a narrowed opening

Device Closure

used to close a defect or an opening between the right and left sides of the heart. A heart has four chambers

Corona Artery Disease

plaque in the arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to your heart. It causes a heart attack. 

Electro physiology

Test performed to assess your heart’s electrical system or activity and is used to diagnose abnormal

Balloon angioplasty

A specially designed catheter with a tiny balloon is guided through an artery to a blockage,  then inflated to


A pacemaker is a small device that’s placed under the skin in your chest to help control your heartbeat.

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Raju Kannamala
Raju Kannamala
Good treatment best doctors. but peshent pakkane attender ku kudaa bed allowed chesthaaraa. Naa wife vipu verevalla vipu kinda padukunnapudu vaulgur gaa chusthunnadu ithanu.ilanti vaalla ni restrict cheyyandi please
kiran gujjula
kiran gujjula
Good explaination of the condition and best treatment available .
Ñànï 786 ñàñï
Ñànï 786 ñàñï
Good caring staff. My grandma recovered very we'll
Laya Badeti
Laya Badeti
Good hospital with excellent doctors and staff. nice OPD and ICU services
gangadhar vemulakonda
gangadhar vemulakonda
Totally best treatment in this hospital stunting expert Dr Vamsi sir really u r god sir thank you verymuch
Venkatesh Boddu
Venkatesh Boddu
Best treatment and lower prises
Good hospital. Good doctors and staff

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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